House for sale with questions needing to be asked before hand to make sure it is the right property

Details You Need for a Sale

House for sale with questions needing to be asked before hand to make sure it is the right propertyKeeping Secrets Ruins Businesses

There’s nothing easy about shopping for a new home, even if you have the best real estate agent in the world. Real estate agents and realtors already know that buying a home can sometimes be a struggle, and as home owners themselves, they can also usually appreciate that not everyone feels that they can just invest in a fixer-upper. Something like that takes time, and money, and not everyone is up for the challenge. Even if there isn’t much that the house seems to need, there may be some things that people will find off-putting about a property, and any agent should be prepared to answer hard questions about a property.

Condition of Roof

The roof of any building is the first line of defense for the building. Even perfectly sunny days can invite insects, and fade paint from walls. Roofs are what stand between gallons of water and your delicate new appliances. If you are a real estate agent, and your clients don’t ask about the condition of the roof, be it because they forget, or because they are new buyers, it is important to be upfront and direct about the condition of the roof. It may affect the cost or the value of the home, but it is always better to present this information upfront. Giving your clients more information will increase their trust in you, and make both your job and their jobs easier.

Paranormal Activity

Many people don’t believe in ghosts, and those who do believe are usually marginalized people, who end up being labeled, ‘crazy.’ However crazy it may sound to you, however, homes that have been reputed to be haunted have a difficult time moving on the market. Reports of ghost activity can scare people away, or turn them off to even seeing a property. If you know that a property has reports of this type of activity, make sure to share this information, and save your clients time and money, if they feel that this could put their family in danger, or just don’t like the idea of sleeping with ghosts.

Drug Activity

A home previously associated with drugs could be potentially dangerous for two reasons. First, in the case of methamphetamine manufacture, fumes from the lab where the drug was prepared could have an affect on anyone that spends time in the house. Meth is the most addictive drug known, and mere exposure could have disastrous consequences. If this is the case, you will need to have a professional crime scene clean up come to the property. This will prevent anyone from accidentally becoming addicted to meth. If drugs were purchased and sold in the home, and this was known to others, the potential for former customer to come looking for a dealer is there, and another situation that could put a person or a family in danger.

Burials on the Property

It is extremely important to inform interested parties if there is a burial ground on the property in which they are interested. This could affect the water supply, or the location of gardens that the client may have planned. Uncomfortable elements are part of the real estate industry, and holding back is not only not ethical, but it can potentially be dangerous.