Very nice victorian living room to make for the perfect dream home

Dream Home Elements

Very nice victorian living room to make for the perfect dream homeLife Isn’t a Fairy Tale, but Your Home Can Be

Give yourself some credit: you worked hard, took breaks when you needed to, and now that it’s time to buy a home, you want to skimp on the details that will make you happy. Don’t do that – if you can’t find your dream house, grab a cheap one that’s ready to go, and add to it! Be sure to check with local governments before you commit to a property with the intent of making it better. Some local governments have restrictions on what can be done to homes, and how big you can go. Once you’ve got the green light, think about what it is that your home is missing, and talk to a design company about making your dream a reality.

Plenty of Space

Don’t box yourself in! If your new place has an office that you know, for sure, you’ll never ever use, knock that wall out, and give your living room more room! Work out logistics with the construction company that you hire for your project, but don’t think you’re beholden to what you purchased. Get creative, make your home your own, and you’ll have that much more to smile about.

Open Floor Plan

Though this is current trend for homes, this trend is one that will last. Most love being able to step into a room, and see everything and everyone that is in the home, so why not appease this desire? Having an open floor plan means having more wiggle room when you’re ready to redecorate, or add more furniture. Think of all of the times that you went to someone’s home, and felt confined. Don’t be that person that doesn’t have enough room to enjoy with the people you love.

Centerpiece Fireplace

This may seem like a silly thing to worry about in the state of California, but the reality is that most people in the state can find a use for a source of warmth, both during winter, and during the cool evenings that regularly happen on the coast of California. These ornate fireplaces can be made of uneven stone, or be made from gorgeous limestone smoothed over a mold.

Private Balcony

The envy of any homeowner, imagine being able to have breakfast on sweetly foggy mornings with your favorite person. Private balconies are usually attached to bedrooms, and provide intimate mini-retreats for any couple, or person who just needs a few moments of peace. Or someone else re-enacting the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.

Window Seat

A cozy place to read, write, or just enjoy the company of a significant other, window seats have made an impression on American suburban life. People who own homes in more metropolitan areas, but seek a comfortable place to have time to themselves have chosen to add window seats to their homes for a serene addition that is reminiscent of country life.

In-wall Library

Book aficionados, rejoice! In-wall libraries are the answer to having to shop for the perfect bookshelf to store and display your small multitude of books, of which you’re proud. If you’re not in love with reading, you can always just use the shelves for pictures, plants, and figurines. Either way, your dream home will be your real home when you’re done.