Real Estate Agent's schedule very busy showing pristine houses

Life for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agent's schedule very busy showing pristine housesFor Real Estate Agents, it Doesn’t End at the Perfect Home

What’s your agent doing all day, every day? Some agents start their days with religious or spiritual exercises, some simply roll out of bed, and get ready for work. Like most of us, your real estate agent will make time for things that they needs to do, but unlike many of us, they can get huge amounts of work done just by conversing with colleagues. The daily schedule of real estate agents can vary from person to person, but almost always starts in the morning, and includes a nice, long lunch break.


Real Estate isn’t a profession that requires or accommodates night owls, and real estate agents have to start their days in the morning. Some may not become active until the later part of the morning, but most everyone is in, and working by 8. Agents that work in an office will usually get in earlier in the morning, but agents that work out of their homes will always have total flexibility. Some will be at the gym by 6, others won’t bother getting out of bed until 7:30. Whenever an agent gets into their office, it is not unusual for them to role play with colleagues to prepare for the time they spend generating leads. After that, real estate agents contact their resources to dig up leads and to try to connect themselves with people like you who need help buying, selling, or renting a home.


After a long morning role-playing, digging, calling, and emailing, a real estate agent settles down for lunch. Since real estate agents are rarely employees, lunch is an opportunity for them to decompress from the morning, chat with friends, and recenter after a long start to the day. Lunch is usually an hour, but can be an hour and a half. After a refreshing break for lunch, a real estate agent will usually hop back into their office, unless they have appointments in the afternoon, which they’ll attend. Appointments can be made for home buyers, home renters, to meet new clients, and have a chance to get to know them, or to change the strategy on the selling of a home. If your agent is meeting someone new, it is going to take a little bit of time for relationships to build the way to more relationships with more people. Keeping in touch with interested parties is the best way for your real estate agent to grow their business.


Once appointments have been met, and the day is winding down, this is the time your agent may finally be able to return phone calls from earlier in the day, and make a good first impression on new clients. Your agent will have checked in on your escrow, if they’re assisting you with that, and the later part of the afternoon is a good time to catch up on paperwork. Once they’ve finished those last items, your agent is likely heading home to enjoy dinner, and time with family. You can give them a call, but you may not be able to reach them until the next morning. Their day will start again tomorrow, and your dream home could be in their hands.